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Parlin, like so many others, found himself with time on his hands during the recent pandemic-mandated lockdown, and From the Ground Up is a product of that free time. This album features a wide variety of artists across the soul, jazz, and hip hop genres, creating an album that has great musical contrast, tells compelling stories, and is tied together by solid production choices.


Description by The Ark of Music

Dynamism is Sonny Parlin’s first full length album that contains instrumentals and pop. It was a pretty broad mix of genres, hence the name Dynamism. On this album, Sonny sings, plays the piano and the bass. Sonny is a lot more musically involved in this album, as he considers From the Ground up his debut as a Music Producer. 

I will create a song or beat based on the description you provide me. You are welcome to send me links to music that you would like me to get inspiration or sound ideas from. I specialize in hip hop and pop with elements of jazz layered in. This is my typical style as a producer.

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Like so many musicians, Sonny Parlin started out as an underage kid playing shows in bars. With over 30 years of experience, Sonny enjoys writing pop & hip-hop and collaborating with other musicians. 

At the age of 14, Sonny’s father started teaching him how to play the guitar. He found himself recording in the studio less than a year later!

Sonny played in various bands over the years, but found his real passion as a music producer working with various artists to create original compositions. 

 Last year Parlin produced and released his first full-length release Dynamism (streaming here), and this year has followed that up with sophomore effort and first-ever full-length hip-hop release, From the Ground Up.